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Market Indices

Index Change Local
DJIA 24,657.80 42.41 16:39
NASDAQ 7,781.52 55.93 17:15
Nikkei 225 22,700.50 145.07 14:59
HSI 29,348.00 348.17 14:31
HSCEI 11,394.95 110.79 14:15
SHCOMP 2,890.65 25.09 14:31
Shanghai B 286.72 3.18 14:31
ASX/S&P 6,332.90 58.30 17:17
FTSE 7,627.40 23.55 16:34
DAX 12,695.16 17.19 18:30
10-Year Gov't Bond Yields (%) 6/20
Country Last Change
US 2.944 0.006
UK 1.297 0.014
Germany 0.377 0.004
France 0.711 0.008
Japan 0.043 0.004
China 3.617 0.031
Bid Change HK
Gold Futures 1,266.60 7.90 13:55
Oil(Brent) Futures 74.29 0.45 13:56
EUR/USD 1.1548 0.0026 14:34
USD/JPY 110.6600 0.3000 14:34
AUD/USD 0.7351 0.0016 14:34
USD/RMB 6.5015 0.0292 14:34
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Risk Statement and Disclaimer:
By using this information, you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use as set out in https://www.ifund.com.hk. Investment involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Fund prices may move down or up, may fluctuate dramatically, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling funds. Some funds are denominated in RMB which are currently not freely convertible, and are thus subject to risks associated with RMB including RMB foreign exchange risk, RMB hedging risk, offshore RMB ("CNH") market risk and RMB trading and settlement of fund units risk. Funds which are invested in emerging markets and smaller companies may also involve a higher degree of risk and are usually more sensitive to price movements. Before making any investment decision, investors should carefully read the prospectus and the offering document for further details. Investors should undertake their own research and study before trade or invest. Investors should carefully consider whether trading or investments are suitable in light of their own financial positions and investment objectives, and understand that they shall be wholly responsible for their investments. Investors are advised to seek independent financial and professional advice before trade or invest. The information herein does not constitute investment advice, or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, investment product or service nor a distribution of information for any such purpose.  The website contents are prepared and issued by Noble Apex Advisors Limited. Informational sources are considered reliable but you should conduct your own verification of information contained herein.  This website and advertisements contained herein have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

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