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Index Change Local
DJIA 24,657.80 42.41 16:39
NASDAQ 7,781.52 55.93 17:15
Nikkei 225 22,700.50 145.07 14:59
HSI 29,346.00 350.17 14:15
HSCEI 11,443.52 62.22 13:59
SHCOMP 2,894.96 20.77 14:15
Shanghai B 287.72 2.17 14:15
ASX/S&P 6,332.90 58.30 17:15
FTSE 7,627.40 23.55 16:34
DAX 12,695.16 17.19 18:30
10-Year Gov't Bond Yields (%) 6/20
Country Last Change
US 2.944 0.006
UK 1.297 0.014
Germany 0.377 0.004
France 0.711 0.008
Japan 0.043 0.004
China 3.617 0.031
Bid Change HK
Gold Futures 1,266.60 7.90 13:55
Oil(Brent) Futures 74.29 0.45 13:56
EUR/USD 1.1544 0.0029 14:19
USD/JPY 110.6900 0.3300 14:19
AUD/USD 0.7345 0.0022 14:18
USD/RMB 6.5015 0.0292 14:18
Investment Center

Account Opening & Dealing Procedures


Account Opening Details and Procedures

Welcome to our online investment platform, iFund. You can easily complete the account opening procedures yourself with just a few clicks.


iFund Online Account Opening Guidance Notes

  1. If you wish to open iFund investment account, you have to become a member of iFund first, please click on “Sign up NOW” on the top left corner of our homepage, enter your e-mail address, and then complete the iFund member registration.
  2. After you have logged in to iFund, please click on “My Account”, then select “Account Opening” from the tool bar, follow the instructions and steps shown online, read the disclaimers and terms carefully and print the account opening documents as indicated. If you want to open a joint account, both applicants must register as a member of iFund in advance.
  3. Please make sure all the data you provided is correct and sign on the corresponding document.
  4. Please submit the account opening form together with all of the required documents listed on the document checklist by post or in person to our Company. We will complete your application within two working days from the date which the application document is received. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your successful account opening, or otherwise we will notify you if there is anything missing.
  5. Contract Notes and Statements are sent by email to your registered email address with us directly, please therefore provide correct email address.
  6. If you want to open more than one iFund investment account, please use an alternative email address to register a new membership and then follow the above procedures for opening a new trading account.

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Account Opening documents

  1. Permanent Hong Kong ID card copy;
    For Non-Permanent Residents, please provide a copy of your passport.
    For Mainland clients, please provide Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Travel Pass (通行證) or Passport copy and a copy of Mainland identity card

  2. Original Proof of address (Residential and correspondence address) issued not more than 3 months. (Credit Card Statement, Bank Statement or utility bills). If this is a joint name account, both account holders shall also provide proof of address.
  3. A personal cheque with amount not less than HKD 10,000, bearing the name of the iFund account holder issued by a licensed bank in Hong Kong, payable to “Noble Apex Advisors Limited – Account Client”. Please ensure the signature on the cheque should be the same as that on the account opening document. For joint name clients, both holders have to provide cheque(s) bearing both holders’ names with the mentioned criteria.

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Submission of Document

Please print out whole set of the “Investment Account Opening Form”, sign on the 2nd page, and submit the documents together with other account opening documents and send to our office to the following address:-

iFund Operation
Noble Apex Advisors Ltd.
4/F, 101 King's Road,
North Point, Hong Kong

We will handle your application upon receipt of your documents.

Upon the iFund account opening is completed, client will receive an email notice from our Customer Service Team.

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Payment Procedures

To protect the interest of you, please carefully read and comply with the following procedures in making payments to us by cheque or by remittance.

  1. Important Note: We do NOT accept cash deposit or third party payment.
  2. Client may send us payments by Personal Cheques issued by local banks in Hong Kong or by remittance.
  3. Cheque should be made payable to “Noble Apex Advisors Limited – Account Client” (Note: Client may only places subscription orders after the clearance of the cheque.)
  4. Client shall NOT bank in cheques directly to our bank as it is required for us to ensure the cheque is issued by the client and not by a third party. Please mail the cheque to our company for our processing to avoid any delay in transactions. Investigation fee will be incurred and charged to the client for cheques not processed through our company.
    Please send the cheque to the following address:

    iFund Operation
    Noble Apex Advisors Ltd.
    4/F, 101 King’s Road
    North Point, Hong Kong

  5. Remittance proof is required if client is making payment though internet banking. Client’s Legal English Name in Full shall be printed on the remittance proof for verification of the remitter. Please Click Here for the remittance details.Please Click Here for the remittance details.。
  6. Remittance Proof: Even if the remittance payment is well received, we can only base on the proof of payment (Such as remittance slip or cashier’s order issuing slip) to update client’s cash account record. Once the account balance is updated online, client may then start trading.
  7. Please send the payment proof to Operation Department by fax at (852) 3747 6550 or by email to ifund@nobleapex.com. Make sure that the account ID and the name of the account holder are clearly shown on the same.
  8. Client shall keep the record of the payment proof; client shall also bear the cost incurred for reissuing the proof if the same is lost.
  9. Upon receipt of the proof and the payment amount, we will update the client’s cash account position within 1 business day; client will also receive an E-confirmation (Daily Statement) on the next working day.

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Withdrawal Procedures


  1. Clients may check their cash balance on the iFund platform any time.
  2. Important Note: Redemption Payment will be credited in to client’s cash account in about 7 working days after a redemption order is placed. (For daily dealing funds only).
  3. Client may submit the withdrawal instruction on the iFund platform to withdraw the available cash on account.
  4. We will remit the payment to client’s registered bank account on record.
  5. Change of Standing Payment Bank Account Details - If client would like us to remit the payment to a new bank account, please download this Form, complete, sign, and send it to our address below, we will process your instruction within a week after the form is received and signature is verified.

    iFund Operation
    Noble Apex Advisors Ltd.
    4/F, 101 King’s Road
    North Point, Hong Kong

  6. For Withdrawal Instructions received before 4:00pm in any working day, we will handle the instruction within the same date. For instructions received after 4:00pm in any working day, we will handle your instruction on the next working day.
    After the signature on the form is verified, we will remit the payment on the next working day.

  7. After receiving clients’ withdrawal instruction(s), if our Company has any doubt in the previous inwards remittance instruction for the client, we reserve the rights to request the client to present relevant proof of payment again (e.g. Remittance proof or bank statement). We will only make withdrawal payment to the client upon the requested documents is received, and funds will remain in the client’s iFund account.

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E-Confirmation and E-Statement

  1. Clients will receive a monthly valuation statement, along with all the transactions details for the previous month, at the beginning of each month.
  2. If there is any change for the client’s account position (Fund position or Cash position), a daily statement or transaction confirmation will be sent to client’s email address, further details is shown as below:-
  • Receipt of payment from client;
  • Receipt of cash dividend;
  • Receipt of reinvestment dividend units;
  • Deduction of subscription amount from cash account;
  • Receipt of redemption payment;
  • Cash Withdrawal from client
  • Fund Subscription, Redemption or Switching (Transaction Confirmation); and
  • Transfer In fund position.

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Order Placement Procedures

  1. When a client first login to the iFund website after the account opening is completed, client shall change the password immediately, or peril. For security reason, it is advised that client shall change the password regularly. Under any circumstances, clients are responsible to keep their account number and password confidentially.
    Should you lost your password, please click “Can’t Access To Your Account?”; we will send you a new password by email.

  2. Cut-off time: Please check on the dealing cut-off time for each fund on the fund details page, instruction received before the dealing cut-off on any business day will be placed on the same date. For instructions received after the dealing cut-off will be executed on the next working date.
  3. Client may login to the iFund dealing platform to check the cash and fund position balances anytime; client may also submit the order placement instruction such as subscription, switching and redemption instructions. Cash account receivables cannot be used for fund subscription.
  4. Fund Switching:
    Same Fund House Switching – if funds switched within the same fund house (under the same fund series), the switch-out of existing fund and switch-in to the new fund are usually be completed within the same trading day (For daily trading funds only).
    Different Fund House Switching – is considered a redemption order and a subscription order separately. Our Company will only subscribe the new fund after the proceeds is received from the redemption of existing funds. This entire process normally takes around 10 business working days to complete.

  5. The minimum subscription amount for each fund is different across fund houses; please refer the corresponding fund information page for more details.
  6. Some fund houses accept payment in currency other than the fund base currency, but some don’t; iFund system will notify you when you place order.
  7. Clients can exchange currencies after logging in to iFund and click into “Cash In/Out” page under “Investment Center”, client may also do it on the order placement page under “Cash Balance” section. The exchange usually takes 2 hours to complete if the FX order is placed within Hong Kong business hours.
  8. Electronic Trading - clients should comply with the following terms and conditions:-
  1. iFund trading platform is where investors directly place orders via electronic channels, and clients are bounded by 《Terms and Conditions of iFund Trading Account》. When the aforesaid electronic trading system transmit any message, our Company will not verify or confirm the identification of clients, clients must be held responsible for any instructions given over the electronic trading system. They must also safe keep and keep confidential of their account numbers and passwords.
  2. Our Company has the right to decline any instructions given by clients via online trading or the electronic trading system. Our Company reserves the right to assert final decision as to accepting such instructions.
  3. Our Company does not give any warranty of reliability, timeliness or accuracy of the information contained on iFund.
  4. Our Company can terminate, change, add or remove the content of our website without prior notice to clients.
  5. Electronic trading system (via internet and smart phones) makes use of computer system to give trading instructions. However, there are circumstances that computer system may be halted or out of order suddenly. Our Company bears no responsibility whatsoever arising out of transmission failure or out of order. Our Company does not accept any responsibility arising in any way due to uncontrollable circumstances including by reason of such wrongful messages, message transmitting failures or delayed information.
  6. If clients have any comments or complaints against our Company, please contact (852) 2230 1088.

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Risk Statement and Disclaimer:
By using this information, you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use as set out in https://www.ifund.com.hk. Investment involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Fund prices may move down or up, may fluctuate dramatically, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling funds. Some funds are denominated in RMB which are currently not freely convertible, and are thus subject to risks associated with RMB including RMB foreign exchange risk, RMB hedging risk, offshore RMB ("CNH") market risk and RMB trading and settlement of fund units risk. Funds which are invested in emerging markets and smaller companies may also involve a higher degree of risk and are usually more sensitive to price movements. Before making any investment decision, investors should carefully read the prospectus and the offering document for further details. Investors should undertake their own research and study before trade or invest. Investors should carefully consider whether trading or investments are suitable in light of their own financial positions and investment objectives, and understand that they shall be wholly responsible for their investments. Investors are advised to seek independent financial and professional advice before trade or invest. The information herein does not constitute investment advice, or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, investment product or service nor a distribution of information for any such purpose.  The website contents are prepared and issued by Noble Apex Advisors Limited. Informational sources are considered reliable but you should conduct your own verification of information contained herein.  This website and advertisements contained herein have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

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