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Index Change Local
DJIA 24,657.80 42.41 16:39
NASDAQ 7,781.52 55.93 17:15
Nikkei 225 22,700.50 145.07 14:59
HSI 29,348.00 348.17 14:31
HSCEI 11,394.95 110.79 14:15
SHCOMP 2,890.65 25.09 14:31
Shanghai B 286.72 3.18 14:31
ASX/S&P 6,332.90 58.30 17:17
FTSE 7,627.40 23.55 16:34
DAX 12,695.16 17.19 18:30
10-Year Gov't Bond Yields (%) 6/20
Country Last Change
US 2.944 0.006
UK 1.297 0.014
Germany 0.377 0.004
France 0.711 0.008
Japan 0.043 0.004
China 3.617 0.031
Bid Change HK
Gold Futures 1,266.60 7.90 13:55
Oil(Brent) Futures 74.29 0.45 13:56
EUR/USD 1.1548 0.0026 14:34
USD/JPY 110.6600 0.3000 14:34
AUD/USD 0.7351 0.0016 14:34
USD/RMB 6.5015 0.0292 14:34

About Account

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How do I open an iFund Investment account?

  1. If clients want to set up an iFund Investment account, clients must register as an iFund member first. Click [Sign up NOW] at the top left corner of our homepage and enter your email address to complete a new membership registration. You will then receive a confirmation email, please click the link in the confirmation email to complete iFund membership registration.
  2. After login to your iFund account, please click [My Account] > [Account Opening] in the toolbar at the top, then follow the steps to fill in your personal data. Please read all the terms and conditions carefully before you print the application form and sign on it. If clients would like to set up a joint name account, both applicants must also register as an iFund member in order to complete all the steps online.
  3. Make sure that all your personal data input is correct before sign on the application form.
  4. Print the application form and sign on it. Submit the account opening form together with all of the required documents listed on the document checklist by post or in person to our company. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your successful account opening; or we will contact you if there is any problem for the account opening documents.
  5. Contract Notes and Statements are sent by email to your registered email address with us directly, please therefore provide correct email address.
  6. If you want to open more than one iFund investment account, please use an alternative email address to register a new membership and then follow the procedures again for opening a new trading account.

Upgrade to iFund Investment Account

  1. Permanent Hong Kong ID card copy;
    For mainland clients, please provide Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Travel Pass (通行証) or Passport copy (include client’s English full name) and a copy of Mainland identity card
    For Non-Permanent Residents, please provide a copy of your passport.
  2. Original Proof of address (Residential and correspondence address) issued not more than 3 months. (Credit Card Statement, Bank Statement or Utility bills). If this is a joint name account, both account holders shall also provide proof of address.
  3. A personal cheque with amount not less than HKD 10,000, bearing the name of the iFund account holder issued by a licensed bank in Hong Kong, payable to “Noble Apex Apex Trust Limited – Client Account”. Please ensure the signature on the cheque should be the same as that on the account opening document. For joint name clients, both holders have to provide cheque(s) bearing both holders’ names with the mentioned criteria. Or both holders can provide one cheque not less than HKD 10,000 with the mentioned criteria separately.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How much do I need to start my investment?

It depends on what funds you have chosen; normally the minimum investment amount is HKD 10,000. However, not all funds have the same minimum subscription amount; please refer the corresponding fund information page for more details.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png What is the "ultimate beneficial owner” mentioned in the account opening procedure?

Ultimate beneficial owner” is the person who has ultimate control over the funds. If the ultimate beneficial owner is not the iFund account holder, we do not accept the account application at this moment.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Why is a $10,000 HKD cheque needed for account opening?

According to the law, we need to verify the identity of the applicant, and there are three ways for us to verify the identity of our clients:

  • Submit a HKD 10,000 or above personal cheque;
  • Ask qualified certifier (Professional such as lawyer, CPA etc.) to sign on the account opening document, identity documents to verify the identify of the applicant;
  • Visit our office at Causeway Bay in person; our qualified staff will verify the identity for you.

It is FREE to open an iFund investment account; the mentioned cheque is only use for identification verification purposes. The cheque amount will be allocated to your cash account balance with us; you may use the amount for subscription or withdraw the amount any time you want.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Is there a minimum amount for the “cash account balance”?

No limitation.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Will iFund pay interest to me on my cash balance?

No interest is payable to the Client and that any interest which may accrue on the bank accounts will be retained by iFund.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Can I withdraw the money from my “Cash account balance” anytime?

Yes, the available amount in the “Cash account balance” can be withdrawn anytime and we do not impose any charge on client’s withdrawal request.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Can non-Hong Kong residents open an iFund account?

Yes, the procedure is the same as Hong Kong resident.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png What are the fees charged by iFund?

Please refer to [Account Charges].

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png If I am a SFC licensed person, do I need to submit any additional application documents?

Yes, you have to submit employer consent letter for setting up iFund investment account.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How do I get the employer consent letter? Is there any standard format for the letter?

It does not have a standard format; please check with your employer.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png I already have an investment account with Noble Apex Advisors Limited; can I use the iFund platform to trade funds?

Yes, but existing clients still need to open the iFund investment account again online, because the accounts are under two different platforms.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png I already have an investment account with Noble Apex Advisors Limited, can I registered as an iFund account client?

Yes, but existing clients still need to open the iFund investment account again online, because the accounts are under two different platforms.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png I already have an iFund account; can I open another traditional investment account?

Yes, please contact Noble Apex hotline (852)22301023 for more information.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png When do I receive the Contract note?

After receiving client’s instruction for subscription or redemption, generally fund house will provide us the confirmation on the next business day. We will input the data on the same date the contract note is received. We will also issue the contract note will be sent to your email in the next business day.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png When do I receive the e-statement?

Clients will receive the e-monthly statement within the first three business day every month.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Why there are remittance charges for redemption?

Most of the fund houses do not bear the remittance charges for redemption. Therefore, the actual amount received from the redemption is less than that shown on the Contract Note.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How can I reduce the remittance chares from redemption?

To avoid unnecessary remittance charges from redemption, client may consider switching funds within the same fund house.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Why there are no remittance charges for subscription?

Noble Apex bears all remittance charges incurred in the subscription.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How do I check my account status?

Please select [My Account] > [Client Functions] > [Account Settings] > [Account Valuation].

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How do I update my personal information?

Please click [My Account] > [Client Functions] > [Account Settings] to update your personal information.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png How does iFund distribute fund dividends?

Noble Apex distributes the dividends according to the client’s holdings ratio. Client will receive the statement on the next working day after the dividend units is allocated to the client’s account.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png Can iFund send copies of contract notes and monthly statements for my account to my employer?

If clients want us to send copies of their account’s contact note and monthly statements to their employers, please send us written instruction. We will update our record in two working days.

https://www.ifund.com.hk/ifund/share/images/iClass/iFundFAQ_mini.png What can I do if the fund I want to invest in is not on the fund list?

If the fund is authorized by Securities and Futures Commission and is under the fund house which is connected with Noble Apex, we will consider adding the fund to our fund list. You can contact us by sending the related fund information to ifundclient@nobleapex.com.

Risk Statement and Disclaimer:
By using this information, you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use as set out in https://www.ifund.com.hk. Investment involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Fund prices may move down or up, may fluctuate dramatically, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling funds. Some funds are denominated in RMB which are currently not freely convertible, and are thus subject to risks associated with RMB including RMB foreign exchange risk, RMB hedging risk, offshore RMB ("CNH") market risk and RMB trading and settlement of fund units risk. Funds which are invested in emerging markets and smaller companies may also involve a higher degree of risk and are usually more sensitive to price movements. Before making any investment decision, investors should carefully read the prospectus and the offering document for further details. Investors should undertake their own research and study before trade or invest. Investors should carefully consider whether trading or investments are suitable in light of their own financial positions and investment objectives, and understand that they shall be wholly responsible for their investments. Investors are advised to seek independent financial and professional advice before trade or invest. The information herein does not constitute investment advice, or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, investment product or service nor a distribution of information for any such purpose.  The website contents are prepared and issued by Noble Apex Advisors Limited. Informational sources are considered reliable but you should conduct your own verification of information contained herein.  This website and advertisements contained herein have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

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