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Index Change Local
DJIA 24,657.80 42.41 16:39
NASDAQ 7,781.52 55.93 17:15
Nikkei 225 22,700.50 145.07 14:59
HSI 29,393.50 302.67 14:07
HSCEI 11,445.36 60.38 13:51
SHCOMP 2,889.60 26.13 14:07
Shanghai B 287.55 2.35 14:07
ASX/S&P 6,341.70 67.10 17:07
FTSE 7,627.40 23.55 16:34
DAX 12,695.16 17.19 18:30
10-Year Gov't Bond Yields (%) 6/20
Country Last Change
US 2.944 0.006
UK 1.297 0.014
Germany 0.377 0.004
France 0.711 0.008
Japan 0.043 0.004
China 3.617 0.031
Bid Change HK
Gold Futures 1,266.60 7.90 13:55
Oil(Brent) Futures 74.29 0.45 13:56
EUR/USD 1.1551 0.0022 14:10
USD/JPY 110.6900 0.3400 14:10
AUD/USD 0.7352 0.0015 14:10
USD/RMB 6.4985 0.0262 14:10
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Investment Diary Tramy Heung

Tramy is the portfolio manager of asset management and research department. She is recognized as a fundamental research analyst, specializing in blending fundamental and technical investment strategies for Hong Kong and China equities. Ms. Heung is a holder of BSSc in Journalism and Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and she is a CFA(r) Charterholder. She is the winner of Silver Trophy for Category B and The Best Investment Plan Award in the Benchmark Advisor of The Year Award 2011.

Noble Apex Advisors Asset Management Team offers various managed-account services (MAS). Investment instruments of different asset classes and strategies are selected for better risk diversification on behalf of you, ensuring you a hassle-free life. On Tuesday and Thursday, publishes performances of MAS portfolios. Don't miss out latest news of MAS!
Conservative multi-asset class

Being internationally oriented, this portfolio aims to diversify across different asset classes where the global markets are braced for volatility. It aims to provide stability for investors seeking to minimize volatility and having a shorter investment horizon.

The core of the portfolio is constructed with bond instruments. Benchmark: 60% JPM Global Aggregate Bond Index + 30% MSCI World Index + 10% MSCI Emerging Market Index.
Moderate multi-asset class

Mainly focus on macro analysis and diversify across the global, this portfolio aims at long-term capital appreciation as well as and income growth, while reducing volatility over the medium- to long investment horizon of more than five years.

The portfolio is a flexible combination of stocks and bonds. Benchmark: 30% JPM Global Aggregate Bond Index + 30% MSCI World Index + 40% MSCI Emerging Market Index.
Aggressive multi-asset class

Capitalizing on long-term market trends, this portfolio is designed for investors seeking high-growth investment returns over the long term of more than 10 years. It aims to provide these returns with a lower level of volatility than a traditional high-growth portfolio.

The core of the portfolio is constructed with equities. Benchmark: 20% JPM Global Aggregate Bond Index + 30% MSCI World Index + 50% MSCI Emerging Market Index.
Fixed income-related

The portfolio invests primarily in securities issued by global companies, government or supranational institutions, with the aims to obtaining long-term stable capital appreciation and interest income. Duration, spread and credit risks are strictly managed.

Benchmark: Credit Sussie Asian Bond Corporate Total Return Index.
HK and China equities

In the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has been maintaining the leading positions as the worlds' top emerging markets. China will lead emerging economies in economic transitions, embracing opportunities everywhere. These portfolios aim to achieve long-term capital growth by investing primarily in Hong Kong stocks or Mainland A-shares. Stock selection and investment process is set to identify key beneficiaries of the current structural reform trend with an emphasis on business models, earning results, good corporate governance. It is designed to achieve better risk adjusted return.

Benchmark: Hong Kong China Enterprise Index and Shanghai Stock Exchange A Share Index

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台日股市抗跌力較強 2018-06-19
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聯儲局加息顯示對經濟信心增加 2018-06-14
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美國聯儲局結束一連兩日的議息會議,宣佈加息四分一厘,符合市場預期。議息聲明以及點陣圖顯示聯儲局對經濟的信心增加,反映近期環球政治局勢動盪並未有影響官員的加息決定,反而有助安撫市場情緒。   今次的議息聲明出現了不少改動是屬於偏鷹的訊號,包括聯儲局對美國Ł

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中國創業板獲資金追捧 2018-06-07
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隨著環球政局轉穩,加上美股納指再度破頂,中港股市似乎再度活躍起來。其實,近期整體A股市場交投偏淡,投資者比較將注意力放在創業板(ChiNext)股份上。但在債務違約潮之下,筆者認為投資者宜謹慎。   彭博資料顯示,今年以來中國最受歡迎的三隻ETF均追蹤創業板或小型股指數,吸引

世界杯將開鑼 市況轉趨淡靜 2018-06-05
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四年一度的世界杯將於下星期(6月14日)在俄羅斯舉行,儘管近期世界局勢紛亂,市況甚為動盪,但預料賽事開始期間市況會略為平靜下來,大家專心欣賞球賽。近年不少大行時興利用複雜的經濟模型預測賽果,但截至今日還未看到高盛的報告,反而瑞銀認為德國會奪杯。   彭博數據顯示

政治風險急升 美債忌過份看淡 2018-05-31
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意大利政治風險急升,總統馬塔雷拉(Sergio Mattarella)日前否決疑歐派薩沃納(Paolo Savona)的經濟部長提名,令兩大民粹政黨組閣失敗。他其後邀請國際貨幣基金組織(IMF)前財政事務部主任科塔雷利(Carlo Cottarelli),出任過渡總理,籌組技術官僚政府。由於沒有國會支持,預料過渡政府提交的臨時預算將無法通過,意大

越南股市短期反彈乏力 2018-05-29
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聯儲局不急加息 有助安撫市場 2018-05-24
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中美貿易談判再出問題,加上意大利政局不穩以及土耳其深陷貨幣危機之下,美股昨日先跌後升,主要原因是美國聯儲局的會議紀錄顯示官員容忍通脹超標,意味加息步伐不會太快。這對金融市場無疑是利好消息。   美國聯儲局公佈的5月議息會議紀錄顯示多數官員雖然認同6月須要加

葛拉漢的秤重機 2018-05-17
Investment Diary
Chinese version only

前幾天,政府公佈香港首季經濟增長為4.7%,全年經濟增長預測維持3%至4%。事實上,早於本月初,國際貨幣基金組織已上調香港全年增長預測至3.6%,較去年10月份預測調高一整個百分點,而亞洲地區亦調升至5.6%,高於10月時的5.5%。 然而,對很多每天追漲殺跌的散戶來說,一萬年太久,只爭朝夕z

中國4月經濟仍穩 2018-05-15
Investment Diary
Chinese version only

MSCI今早公佈了半年度指數審議結果,234只A股6月1日起被納入MSCI指數體系。今次調整剔除了9家公司,並新增11家公司進入MSCI中國A股國際通指數(MSCI China A Inclusion Index),略微改變了中國股票將在MSCI明晟新興市場股指中所佔權重。銀行、非銀金融、醫藥生物等3大行業公司數量最多,分別為30家、20家、18家。分析預料

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