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2019-03-19 10:37
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The EU threatened that if the United States imposes tariffs on imported cars, the EU will quickly take revenge. The chief economist of the European Central Bank hinted that once the economic outlook deteriorates, the central bank may adjust its interest rate outlook. China announced the development plan for the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area and plans to compete with Silicon Valley in the United States.

  • The US stock market and bond market were closed for the President’s Day holiday.
  • According to informed sources, Trump’s next permanent representative to the United Nations includes Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell, Kelly Craft and Richard Grenell, the current Canadian and German ambassadors and Michigan Republican John James.
  • Trump seeks a peaceful transition for Venezuela but is open to all choices.
  • The UK’s FTSE 100 index closed at 7,219.47 points, decreased by 17.21 points or 0.24%. The Frankfurt DAX index closed at 11,299.20 points, decreased by 0.60 points or 0.01%. The French CAC40 index closed at 5,168.54 points, increased by 15.35 points or 0.30%.
  • The EU has vowed that if the United States imposes tariffs on cars imported from the EU, the EU will immediately implement retaliatory actions.
  • The seven members of the British opposition Labor Party have withdrawn from the party due to issues such as Brexit and anti-Semitism, which may lead the Labor Party to change its position on the Brexit.
  • Japan’s Nikkei 225 index closed at 21,281.85 points, increased by 381.22 points or 1.82%. The yen closed at 110.550 against 1 US dollar, decreased by 0.081%.
  • According to data from the Cabinet Office of Japan, after seasonal adjustments, Japan’s core machinery orders fell by 0.1% in December last year (previous value of zero growth), which was far exceeding market expectations of a 1.1% decline.
  • The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,754.36 points, increased by 71.97 points or 2.68%. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index closed at 3,445.74 points, increased by 107.04 points or 3.21%. The RMB closed at 6.767 against 1 US dollar, increased by 0.077%.
  • China announced the development plan of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Great Bay Area, and plans to link Hong Kong and Macao with a number of southern cities in the Mainland to create a high-tech urban cluster that can compete with Silicon Valley in California.
  • According to informed sources, the UK cybersecurity regulatory authorities believe that it is not necessary to completely ban Huawei from participating in 5G. According to a British government spokesman, the 5G assessment is still in progress and no decision has been made on Huawei.

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