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2018-09-17 06:28
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With more than 1000 funds on iFund, we understand it is sometimes a daunting task for investors to choose the right funds that suit their investment needs.

iFund has a dedicated in-house Research Team that conducts macro-economic, industry and sector research. Based on these research findings, the Research Team then conduct qualitative and quantitative assessment of the many different funds available and consolidate a list of quality funds for investors’ easy reference.

iFund Research Team’s quantitative assessments take into factors, among others, performance track record, peers performance comparison, risk to reward ratio, size of the funds etc. From qualitative analysis perspective, the Research Team look at the stability of the management team, fund manager’s experience, clarity of investment strategy, risk management process etc. iFund Research Team analyse each fund according to its respective asset class / sector category such that similar funds are compared with each other.

iFund Research Team regularly review and update the Fund Select so investors can stay abreast of the latest market developments and trends.

The Fund Select is for reference only and should not be read as endorsement, solicitation, promotion or investment advice by iFund; and it does not represent that any funds are suitable for any investors.

Investors should not solely rely on this list alone to make investment decisions. We strongly advise you to make your own assessment to ensure the funds are suitable for you and match with you personal circumstances before investing .

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